Success is what I work for, and when people hate it only makes me work more……

Born in Romford, Essex, Ishewz grew up around the era of underground garage and drum and bass music. After being inspired by the local rappers he was listening to weekly on Force FM from 1999 onwards he decided to try his hand at writing his own lyrics.

“After hearing a number of early garage beats with rappers on, I knew it was something I wanted to do immediately. The effect the words had on me and the creative way that the MCs were getting their point of view across to the music inspired me to start penning my thoughts and ideas to white label beats that my friend was spinning in his garage!”

After writing numerous lyrics, freestyling at parties, rap battling strangers on nights out and performing on a few pirate radio stations the art of rapping had fully taken hold of Ishewz. He continued to listen to a number of genres and experiment with different styles and flows to ensure his skill as a rapper continued to grow.

“Ive always loved words and the power they have! I used to read dictionaries to see which words I can play with and see how I can twist them to better enhance my lyrics. Combining that with my love for all GOOD music, no matter what genre, I continue to this day to study the art of rap to try and better myself in all levels of music, including production.”

With a passion for song writing and music production firmly set within him, Ishewz began to reach out to other artists for beats, verses and to gain knowledge in areas he lacked. This has lead to many collaborations including a song with over 22,000 views on Youtube called ‘Summer Anthem’ produced by The Blue Elephant ( and featuring NiC.

Along with the desire to better himself Ishewz recently started up a volunteer youth work scheme in his local area in which he teaches youths music production and song writing skills for free.

“Ive always wanted to give back to my community and I feel this is a rewarding way to do it. Back when I was a teenager we didn’t have access to the technology that there is today, so it seemed like an obvious choice to pass on what I know to help grow the Essex music scene.”

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