Eminem Tribute Lyrics

Hi bitch, do you like Ish?
Do want me to come through to the mic booth and spit my shit?
You want me to come through and just let loose and do my thing?
You want me to hump you and girl too with my ding a ling? Your giggling, you get it then,
Because im not your ordinary rapper,
Im ordering hors d’oeuvre off of a whore before I kidnap her,
Im not even sure if your listening to my chatter,
It don’t matter I just want a bitch to give my sausage a batter,
Shit, I shouldn’t even be spitting to this,
Ridiculous hits is what he’s got, I should give it a miss,
But oh what the shit, ill do it just to pay some homage,
Stay on it ’til im running rings round you lot like I was sonic,
Your tails, I never fail to amaze when I do it,
It’s a given, like whenever I start to drink I get stupid,
Shit, drink some Jack D until I vomit,
In yours girls mouth, bruv, I thought you said that she was on it?!
Hi my name is,
What my name is,
Who? I duno but ill keep flowing ’til im famous,
Till I came with, an A list of 8 or 9 tracks for you to go rave with,
Or save it for a rainy day or go play it to your mates bitch,
Cause JEEEZE Im about them PPPPs,
Rap to get them PPLLLEAASE, ima do my THIIIING,
Tell the bitches FREEEZEE, Get down on your KNNEEES,
Get a load of MEEE, you get up on my THHIIIINNNNG THING THING,

1 shot 2 shot 3 shot then another shot,
Im drinking celebrating cause everyone’s saying that im fucking hot,
Playing im not, taking the lot, Taking the top of these fellas who got,
Nothing compared to me they be so lame and I hate to see them rock,
Stop telling me that your flow sounds nice,
Or ill dim those lights like im Kimbo Slice,
Show me your girl ill complement them eyes,
Then you turn your back and ill get up in them thighs,
Women like me cause they hear that im a rap dude,
So I stay getting pussy motherfucker call me cat food,
My mum thinks im nice but really Im just damn crude,
At ya Nan’s house feet on the couch oh is that rude?
Even back when we was amoebas,
They used to say Jesus Ian man your flow is the meanest,
You think that you can beat me psshhh ya craaazy,
They say I rhyme like one of the best baaaby,

You’re such a prick, Go suck a dick,
Go rub yourself until you stop the itch,
That’s syphilis slut your such a bitch,
I can’t believe you tried it with me after touching his,
Your Cinderella looking for a Wonderman,
Wonder am I the one, one answer, Na,
Ditch you in a sec if it meant that I can,
Spend more time in the booth being superman,
First off you don’t know Ian, at all so don’t go being,
Acting like me your pleasing, Im fed up with your teasing,
Put pepper on my dick then you lick it till you start sneezing,
Oh Jesus she just seemed to have been totally mis-leaded,
Ima rapper and I tell the truth,
Ima tell it how it is until im nailed into,
A coffin underground and im covered in roots,
There aint no stopping me now because im so in the mood,
People hear me rapping and they reckon I’m black,
Cause my verses curve ball im the Beckham of rap,
Step on a track and d-d-do it like I do in the sack,
Ask your mum what I mean she will tell you im fab,
Im really a nice guy, stupid,
I gota club and I might let you in,
So baby please ive,
Put a Nike tick on my dick so bitch just do it,
Im the man and I wont get beat,
Like a chip pan fire man I rap this heat,
Im like a mirror to em and im the answer too,
Rapper sickest the is who?…..

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