FIFA Man Lyrics


I love this boy but he never see’s me,

Im in love with a FIFA man,

I love this boy but he loves the TV,

I’m in love with a FIFA man,



Yes I am, I am, ooooooooo



She wants to go to the theatre wined and dined up,

Me to be polite me to stop being a wind up,

Stop playing FIFA talk to her nicer,

But in my mind im deciding my line-up,

Like, oh my god I got these nice shoes,

And a dress and a top and I bleached my do,

Tell me what your thinking are these jeans quite cute?

Na im thinking should I start playing 3-5-2, what do ya think?

Yeh, Were sitting cuddling late,

And when she falls asleep that’s when I smuggle in mates,

And we’ll b getting hammered playing FIFA were too cool,

Girls dropping at our feet like a through ball,

Bosh! That’s Eastenders off,

And now she’s seeing red like I sent her off,

Lets watch a movie, do something different now im moody,

I said maybe we can play sum call of duty?





I got no problem u seeing me

But it’s a threesome me you and the ps3

While we, sitting here on my settee,

Be a dear and make tea and rub my feet

Don’t, get me wrong baby I love ya

You’ll get a kiss when I hit a 40 yarder…but

Your putting me off, that tutting can stop

If I get another booking that’s a red and he’s off, damn!

You keep saying that I never make time

But it’s hard when my mate just signed online

Im, killing it, im in the zone right now,

So my trophy is second to that trophy sound,

I swear this will be my last game

Keep the bed warm ill be right up babe

Ill take you out tomorrow night

Babe, Everything is all right, right?


Chorus x2

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