Ho Lyrics

You a ho and ima tell you the truth
Ima tell it in a record steada yelling at you
Cause if I see you when im steaming ill be hell on the loose
Id leave you so black and blue its like you fell off a roof,
I got nothing to lose
But you already lost, fuck being stuck in your shoes
I expect you to react, yeah that’s sumin you’d do
But then again your mouths full, too busy sucking on dudes,
Now lemy set the record straight,
Most sex in a week is the record that you will break
Can’t believe silly me went and took you on a date
How could I forgot, you already took it from my mate,
Now you’re listening to the words that ive said
Is this tune about you, is it all in your head?
‘Ima tweet him and ask, fuck it ill call him instead’
But, like our relationship the line will be dead,

Ohhhh we aint finishing yet,
Im finishing you by dishing out the news you sket
Diminishing your demeanor with every line of this text
A verbal wake up call to fill your life with regret, yep
You’re addictive to reflective surfaces
Yes it hurts to see ya hair not perfectly
Sitting on top of your head when ever ya searching the,
Room for a mirror room for a mirror mirror mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the sluttiest of them all,
But of course its you my dear, my dear you love a ball,
And a dick, you love a dicking and sticking in every orifice
Obviously its you who the fuck did you thought it is?
Huh im just letting you have it
Hope you hear this shit and be feeling embarrassed
And it’s clear this shit is totally savage,
Im back at it the rap addict im not average
Yeh, Fuck it, its all love,
Can’t believe I had a crush on a full slut
Well she gave good head and its cool but
I would never fall in love, pull up,

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