I Just Want Lyrics

So let me take you back to the back of the class,
Note book open as Im penning my craft,
Couldn’t give a fuck about math’s or any graph
And fuck teacher cause he talk out he’s arse,
Then I hear my name, its called loud,
Ian pay attention, your in school now,
You don’t want detention, or get called out,
Stop music, your living with your head in a cloud,
But that shit spurred me on,
Now I sit on the same level that the birds is on,
Heard he’s gone out of he’s mind when he’s versing them,
Tracks Im getting sent man Im serving them,
Stay working to be the best,
My head still in the clouds I cant see the rest,
Detest these other rappers who be possessed
With less skill on a mic, please decease your breath,
Until I squeeze and press your chest and then I leave dead
Leave ya legacy never to be achieved and yes
Me is blessed with the talent to be steeped in success
Like jeeze im a Seasoned vet,
All these people guna see me flow
Then buy my cd, cause they see me dope
Go hard or go home is what they told me so,
Fuck that, im going like I got no home
Ill stay up on a nimbus, the thing is,
I just wanna be seen as the meanest,
I just want all my team where the green is
I just want you to feel me so ill give….
Plenty of energy ‘til you feeling me
Feeling to get these people to put their hands were the ceiling be
Silly me keep on killing it giving it every bit of me,
Till I be sitting chilling in villas living in Sicily

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