Laugh it up lyrics

I was gone for a minute now im back, what’s up?
Stayed away from the scene now im back to club
Had a chick for a bit, now im back to fuck
Put my cape on sure, but it was back to front
Being superman didn’t suit me,
Fuck saving ho’s this aint truly,
What im about ima one night fuck,
Yeh this my love life go on laugh it up
Yeh yeh, one big joke,
Nothing goes right for this one nice bloke,
She said that she don’t need my help,
So im learning yoga to go fuck myself,
That’s what you said right? You meant that shit right?
No feelings left so baby good bye
Bye to the time that you spent with me,
And the time wasn’t right so we weren’t meant to be

Some seem to say ill never make it
Some seem to say ill never grow
Some seem to say ill never settle down
But I aint got no love for these hoes,

Fuck, I don’t mean that,
Ive been around, I never told you that
You never told me all the cold shoulder you’ve had
And now im getting one too that’s why you’re getting a track
Ian, stop being a cunt,
All you ever do when you do break up,
Is write a little song saying your ex is nuts
And always mention all the dudes that they’ve fucked
I think the issue here really is a little deeper
You always seem to give off the impression that you’re a cheater,
You cannot manage to hold down or hang on to a keeper
So that’s why your just gunna fuck it up when you do eventually meet the…,

You said im a prick, yeh yeh Id agree
In a club while your sister hits on me.
Wanting a drink, like it’s all free
Im like, this gon’ repeat history, ha
Relax Ian don’t get bird
Back off now don’t say a word
Can’t settle down this shits absurd,
And whenever I kick a bitch ends on curb,
Back on the pavement, here’s an arrangement,
You can kiss my ring no engagement
You can suck my dick while im waving
At a bitch at the back of the club while we’re raving
This aint dating, this aint shit,
Its called leading you on my dear,
This is aint nothing, you got that clear,
You aint got me, you never did have yeehhhh

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