Summer Anthem Lyrics

This is the anthem so put your hands up
If you feel alive
The summer is on and we drink Sean Don
While we getting high

Verse Ishewz
The glass ain’t half full man I drank it all
No pessimism when I be feeling this comfortable
Only optimism that’s all that I got on my mind
When I’m looking at this girl ahhh and the way that shine wind

Surrounded by friends, good times
Just let this beat play, good vibes
Girl I’m thinking it’s just you and me
We could be k-i-double s in without sitting in a tree

‘Cause it’s the summer of loving so get to sippin’ on something
Sitting’s forbidden so get with someone ’till bodies be touching
Kissing and hugging, loving and rubbing and touching on something
You only get one life, don’t waste it for nothing, now, go!


Verse Ishewz
Staying up all night, neighbors calling the Feds
No need for sleep, we resisting arrest
Insist we the best, definitely see that we’re blessed
Destiny brought us together, girl, we’ll sleep when we’re dead

And that ain’t now, so get your hands up
You ain’t drunk enough if you can stand up
Man up, and get another round in,
This is the anthem and it’s sounding
Simply incredible, feeling like it’s a festival
Letting all the liquor get in us, it’s unforgettable
Never let this memory go, remember the loving,
You only get one life don’t waste it for nothing, now, go



Get down, party up, sea-saw
Your high heels look nice,
I bet your feet soar
I’m living dreams baby, what i gota sleep for
So light it up and let it blow like a C4

Your body off the hook girl you’re a 10
i bet they tell you that at every party you attend
So baby get your firends
And we can cruise lake side
wake and bake, make love until we break the bed

because i’m feeling it, put your hands to the ceiling, baby sing

get your friends a drink, money aint a thing
ha, you and me, tall dark, hung low, baby girl and i’m handsom
put your hands up, this is the anthem

Chorus x3

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